Complementing our proprietary DigiLens® technology, the company supplies high-performance electro-optical and photopolymer materials. A fundamental property of any phase grating is that for a given index modulation, thinner gratings have larger angular bandwidth whilst thicker gratings have smaller angular bandwidth. Our materials record world leading index modulation and therefore enable our waveguide performance and capability.

DigiLens develops a range of custom materials for use in volume manufacture of DigiLens® holographic optical waveguide based displays, imaging and module based products. The material is called a Reactive Monomer Liquid Crystal Mix (DigiLens RMLCM) and combines proven components, similar to those used in the LC display industry. In addition, the company has developed a variety of application methods that give it the ability to fabricate very thin gratings.

Along with tuned exposure techniques using the CC2500 Contact Copy Machine, replication losses associated with these thinner gratings, including low diffraction efficiency, are minimized. Together, these new custom materials and capabilities allow for the fabrication of low haze, high-bandwidth gratings with good diffraction efficiency, all suited to DigiLens’s range of reference imaging and display applications.