Optical Design Tools


Using the DigiLens® photopolymer and Total Internal Reflection (TIR) holographic recording techniques, many optical functions can be combined in a single waveguide. This allows for significant reductions in complexity and essentially a changeover from bulky refractive optical assemblies to planar holographic waveguide alternatives.

As the Optical Technology is so advanced, it is not yet supported by established Optical CAD design systems. DigiLens has overcome this hurdle by developing a suite of custom CAD tools to enable and support customer design of the integrated optical devices.

From application design to mastering, our optical engineering support team is uniquely adept at conceiving and adapting a variety of in-house “optical IP cores”, to deliver precision application specific holographic optical waveguide devices.

Typical waveguide cores may include, but are not limited to:

  • Single and Dual Axis Exit Pupil Expansion (EPE)
  • Beam Splitter (BS) for Micro Imagers
  • Illumination and Display Collimation
  • Digital Scanning
  • Patterned and Tapered Diffraction Light Extraction
  • Homogenization
  • De-Speckling