Parts Supply


DigiLens Holographic Optics are now in full production. Qualified AS9000 Compliant for Design & Manufacture by Tier#1 aerospace customers, the company has a vertically integrated 16,000 Sq. Ft State of the Art waveguide optics manufacturing facility.

DigiLens supplies a range of custom parts for a variety of display and imaging applications, where the low volume “Pilot Line” capability is maintained separate and distinct from ongoing R&D. The facility also showcases the company’s H1 Master Printing System called the DigiLens M1000 and H2 Contact Copy System called the DigiLens CC2500 series, a toolset that for the first time enables cost effective and consistent “Mastering” and “Printing” of precision holographic waveguide optics for a variety of applications.

The company recently expanded its manufacturing facility to maintain its position as the leading innovator of Avionics and other waveguide display products.  On a low volume “Pilot Supply” basis, DigiLens both delivers and proves its technology to its customers, meeting or exceeding their requirements. This is often both strategically important and convenient for Wearable Device customers in particular, as developer support is nurtured, and applications are proven, before the risk and cost of high volume rollout.