DigiLens has developed a unique solid-state optical technology offering an alternative to traditional dichroic and refractive optical solutions for many mobile device applications. Our holographic waveguide designs; leverage high index photopolymer materials, edge-lit holography and printed graded index substrates combined into an integrated platform with proven manufacturing scalability.

We can diffract specific wavelengths and polarizations of light at controllable angles, enabling wavelength or angular selectivity within in a thin, curved, electro-optical monolithic package. These new functional building blocks we term “Optical IP Cores”, power radical form factor reduction, new features and high optical efficiency. So, how exactly does the DigiLens® improve efficiency and reduce product size? The following Reference imaging and display applications focus our outreach, which involves custom versions weaved into a myriad of customer specific products and advanced development programs.

  • eyewear-military
  • eyewear-motorcyclist
  • eyewear-specialist
  • AeroHUD
  • HUD-Auto
  • scanner-biometrics