DigiLens Inc. has developed a new waveguide optics platform technology, called DigiLens®, offering an alternative to using traditional dichroic and refractive optical solutions for many mobile device applications.

The DigiLens® waveguide can steer and manipulate light using a variety of diffractive structures, some of which are electrically switchable. It can diffract specific wavelengths and polarizations of light at controllable angles, enabling many unique capabilities including wavelength or angular selectivity. These capabilities help drive radical form factor reduction in mobile product design.

In collaboration with our customers, we typically customize a prototype design using our library of Optical IP Cores. Thereafter, our suite of support products enable full DigiLens® franchise production.  Our products include Optical Design/Tools, Parts Supply, Manufacturing Design/Tools and Material Supply. As our support capability is limited, we limit Applications customization to only those listed and strictly on a corporate Business to Business (B2B) basis.