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The DigiLens AutoHUD doubles a conventional HUD’s field of view making it sufficient for augmented reality applications. It also reduces the component volume to one-sixth of a traditional optical HUD size.

DigiLens’ waveguide optics enable AR HUDs for automobiles

Continental and DigiLens joined forces in 2016 to develop a waveguide HUD that fulfills automotive requirements. Now, in the expert opinion of Continental, that technology is ready for industrialization. The DigiLens AutoHUD transforms current automotive HUDs by doubling the FOV and reducing the component volume to one-sixth of the traditional size, paving the way for AR applications in all of the automotive industry.

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AutoHUD can overlay 3D symbology at 7.5m focal point

Drivers still need to divert attention from the road to check speed, fuel and oil levels and other critical information. Now, all that data can be conveniently displayed on windshields–focused on the car ahead–so drivers can keep their attention on the road where it belongs.

DigiLens’ AutoHUD takes that a step further, adding AR capabilities where digital information, such as navigation or nearby landmarks, is superimposed over the driver’s view, creating a safer, more immersive experience.

Pioneering a Disruptive Solution

Instead of using mirrors to direct and magnify images, DigiLens’ waveguide technology utilizes integrated diffractive optics that eliminate the need for bulky lenses and mirrors. The display’s FOV is significantly increased so drivers can see important information augmented at eye-level. As demonstrated at CES 2018 and encouraged by several OEMs, since the component size is greatly reduced and costs are lowered, AutoHUD can fit beneath most dashboards making it suitable for broad market adoption.

Image of the DigiLens AutoHUD demo at CES 2018, 20º FOV, courtesy of Continental

AutoHUD in the News

From podcasts to featured articles, AutoHUD is causing a stir in the automotive industry with DigiLens’ breakthrough technology.

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