Illumination Design

The world has changed dramatically since the 1880s, when a Menlo Park-based Thomas Alva Edison revolutionized it with his invention of the first practical light bulb. Situated just ten miles away in neighboring Sunnyvale, SBG Labs isn't trying to reinvent the light bulb – but it is taking that same spirit of ingenuity and inventiveness, and applying it to an entirely new generation of inventions that are poised to revolutionize everything: from the way we get information, to the way we communicate with one another.

The focus by SBG Labs on illumination design is in the development of the following devices.

  • HB-LED (High Brightness LED) – Cutting edge LED technology for use in image projection and professional lighting arrays.
  • D-LDC Laser Light Engine – A low cost laser projection system, adaptable to virtually any type of laser display, that delivers speckle free images.
  • D-TLCD Transparent Displays – Superimposed instructional images for cameras, telescopes, microscopes, and just about any other conceivable application.
  • Heads-Up Holographic Eyewear – High resolution images projected against the inside of an eyewear headset, for use with smart phones and other devices.
  • Pocket and Mini Projection Systems – Miniature handheld projection systems that can be used with component projection systems, or as standalone units.


LED Luminaires
LED Backlights (RGB and W)
LED Light Engines
LED Light Pipes
Medical Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Camera Flashes
Street Lights
Machine Vision Illumination
Entertainment Lighting
Medical Lighting
Automotive Lighting
Aviation Lighting

Display Systems

Backlight Units
Projection Systems
Micro-Optic Films
Light Guides
Frustrated TIR and Surface Computing
NVIS Displays
Mobile Devices

Opto-Mechanical Engineering

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Lens Design

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