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The DigiLens Difference

DigiLens is enabling the next generation of waveguide-based XR displays through our patented optical platform and photopolymer technology. We’re helping companies free information from the confines of physical devices to a convenient and relevant location—right in front of you—allowing you to engage with your environment in a more meaningful way.

Augmented reality is still in its infancy, and is projected to grow substantially over the next few years

Our optical platform and photopolymers enable OEMs to design and build XR-enabled devices using a rich set of materials and powerful software tools, bringing the physical and digital worlds together in a more immersive way—creating limitless potential for XR.

The Missing Piece to AR Displays

DigiLens’ optical platform allows OEMs to create customizable, cost-effective waveguide-based XR devices for both enterprise and consumer applications. Our optics are manufactured from a proprietary photopolymer and low-cost holographic contact copy manufacturing process, which is more cost-effective and scalable than other waveguide solutions on the market.

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In collaboration with our customers, we can customize prototype designs using our library of optical IP cores.

DigiLens offers an alternative to using traditional dichroic and refractive optical solutions for many consumer device applications. Our suite of support products enable franchise production. As our support capability is limited, we limit applications customization to only those listed and strictly on a corporate Business to Business (B2B) basis.

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Bringing AR-enabled devices to market with our partners.

DigiLens develops and licenses its technology stack, including materials, copy machines, reference designs and tools, performing optical origami on some of the most challenging augmented reality display applications. By licensing its solutions, DigiLens is able to partner with some of the most experienced display OEMs to accelerate their optical waveguide products to market.

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