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June 2, 2016

DigiLens Awarded “Best in Show” at World’s Largest Display Show

I am pleased to report we won the Society for Information Display’s “Best in Show” Award. The international conference at the famous Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, highlights the most significant new display products and technologies. The award is intended to honor “the most significant advances in display technology and systems, products, prototypes, and manufacturing processes presented by exhibitors during Display Week 2016.”

DigiLens’ Color MotoHUD display (in collaborationg with BMW) was the specific product awarded. We entered under the wearables category. Our AeroHUD (in collaboration with Rockwell Collins) was also on display on our stand. The criteria for judgement are timeliness and significance to the display industry of the products, prototypes, processes, and technologies exhibited and creative use of audio, visual, or other effects to present and highlight the new material.

Past winners include:

  • BOE Technology Group for its 82-in. 10K display
  • 3M for its quantum dot color enhancement film
  • Universal Display Corporation for its borderless flexible OLED lighting
  • E Ink for its three-pigment electronic-paper display

Wow, peers indeed!

DigiLens’ pipeline of inquiries for the AutoHUD and wearable displays like the MotoHUD continue to grow. On the automotive side, the integrated nature of our optical platform enables a wide FOV windscreen AR–HUD projector to shrink from 30+ltr today down to under 2ltr. This is revolutionary and relieves significant automotive design constraints. Even sports cars can now have a HUD (watch out for CES 2017 for some keynote demonstrations). On the wearable side we are now finalizing designs for AR eyeglass displays.

It’s becoming more apparent every day that our DigiLens physics permit high optical efficiency, wide field of view, and functional integration (using our optical IP cores) beyond any other known optics. In manufacturing, our now 85 percent contact copy yield (and rising) with our first signed manufacturing licensee, we can really help accelerate the AR market for OEM’s and relieve the burdensome limitation of conventional optics those companies wishing to develop AR applications.

With the market opportunity and growth from our established military and transportation customers and new enterprise and consumer customers, including VR entertainment, I believe we all have an exciting future ahead.


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