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September 14, 2015

DigiLens Announces Enhanced Nanomaterial for Full Color and Outdoor Use with Head-Up Displays

SUNNYVALE, CA — Sept. 14, 2015: DigiLens announced that it had reached another key milestone—the development of an advanced material suitable for its additional product development programs for a range of applications including augmented reality and head-up displays for consumer and transportation licensees.

The company has developed a platform display technology called DigiLens, which enables wafer thin holographic optics to be printed into a nanoscale optical thin film material. The display combines complex optical functionality into a single eyeglass thin lens, eliminating the need for bulky piece-part optical assemblies. The enhanced nanomaterial development has been part been sponsored by military customers including USAF and ARMY.

CEO and Founder Jonathan Waldern said, “As we are experiencing a significant increase in demand from automotive and enterprise customers, this new material and refined printing process will lead to greater yield, complete UV lifetime reliability for outdoor use and higher optical efficiency. This is critical for our expansion plans in enterprise augmented reality and consumer wearable displays.”

About DigiLens, Inc.
DigiLens, Inc. is the leader in diffractive waveguide optic technology and nanomaterials for augmented and virtual reality applications, serving the aerospace, automotive, government and consumer electronics market. Leveraging a toolbox of optical IP cores, we develop unique optical solutions, performing “optical origami” on some of the toughest display and imaging applications. Our breakthrough technology platform and nanomaterials help deliver the best in class AR and VR displays.

More information about the company’s offerings can be found at www.digilens.com

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