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September 17, 2012

DigiLens, Inc.® Awarded $750,000 Contract for Phase II Development of Curved Full Color HMD

SUNNYVALE, CA — Sept. 17, 2012: DigiLens announced a $750,000 government contract to continue with Phase II development of a wide view color head-mounted display (HMD) with curved visor prototype. DigiLens has successfully designed a 52×30 degree HMD which is currently prototyping in a monochrome version.

To accomplish this record breaking specification from a single waveguide, the field of view (FOV) was divided into a matrix of 4×3 elements, each subtending a 13×10 degree FOV. By rapidly addressing each tile during a standard video refresh period of 16.6ms, the full FOV can be realized and the resolution multiplied.

Key elements of the contract include development of a unique optical manufacturing process where traditional free-space or analog holographic recording processes will transition to digital holographic contact copy mastering processes. This unique and novel recording process is key to enabling high yield manufacturing at rates up to millions of devices per month and transitioning from glass to roll to roll plastic. The construction of the curved waveguides and optical elements in the micro-display engine consists of planar elements that must be laminated together with high planarity and accuracy. The lamination of planar diffractive sheets replaces the alignment of physical optics in housings which is key to reducing cost, improving yield and creating long term reliability.

HMDs also call for a unique video processing engine to receive video data, parse it into sub-frames, process it and multiplex the image components in the curved waveguide. Initially, a monochrome demonstrator will be fabricated, followed by a full color, high-resolution version to fulfill DigiLens’ multiple contracts for these curved waveguide HMDs in F-35 next generation Avionics applications.

About DigiLens, Inc.
DigiLens, Inc. is the leader in diffractive waveguide optic technology and nanomaterials for augmented and virtual reality applications, serving the aerospace, automotive, government and consumer electronics market. Leveraging a toolbox of optical IP cores, we develop unique optical solutions, performing “optical origami” on some of the toughest display and imaging applications. Our breakthrough technology platform and nanomaterials help deliver the best in class AR and VR displays.

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