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April 15, 2015

DigiLens, Inc. Manufacturing Capability to Address Enterprise and Consumer Augmented Reality Applications

SUNNYVALE, CA — Apr. 15, 2015: DigiLens announced it is further expanding its manufacturing capability toward enterprise and ultimately consumer augmented reality applications. The company recently completed the installation and renovation of 5000ft2 R&D facility at its Sunnyvale, California headquarters, but following increased market demand and further investment financing the company is expanding again.DigiLens founder and CTO Jonathan Waldern commented, “Recent technical improvements, in particular with our display materials coatings on film, have accelerated plans to progress to our ultimate dream–a high volume roll-to- roll capability able to support consumer volume requirements. This expansion is a planned progression from our proven low-rate, high-value production, to delivery of state-of- the-art digital mastering and holographic Switchable Bragg Gratings (SBGs), targeting high volume consumer applications.”

About DigiLens, Inc.
DigiLens, Inc. is the leader in diffractive waveguide optic technology and nanomaterials for augmented and virtual reality applications, serving the aerospace, automotive, government and consumer electronics market. Leveraging a toolbox of optical IP cores, we develop unique optical solutions, performing “optical origami” on some of the toughest display and imaging applications. Our breakthrough technology platform and nanomaterials help deliver the best in class AR and VR displays.

More information about the company’s offerings can be found at www.digilens.com

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