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December 2, 2012

SBG Labs Delivers Transparent Display with Large Exit Pupil and Wide Field of View for Head Mounted Displays

SUNNYVALE, CA — Dec. 2, 2012: SBG Labs is proud to report the delivery of a transparent waveguide technology that will form the basis of a night vision display solution for pilots in fast jets and rotary wing aircrafts. The display breaks new ground by providing an extremely wide field of view (FOV) of 52 degrees and a very large exit pupil of 30x30mm.

“This development will significantly improve the FOV for pilots and make it much easier to maintain image quality, even in turbulence, by having a large exit pupil,” noted SBG Labs CEO Jonathan Waldern. “We believe the 30x30mm exit pupil and the 52 degree FOV is the largest to date. This allows broad latitude in the positioning of the see-through optic whilst still affording a full FOV image for the pilot.”

This enhanced capability is enabled by SGB Labs’ Switchable Bragg Grating (SBG) electro-optical technology. The transparent monocular see-through display uses other components including a micro-display, illuminated by a green laser. The micro-display image is coupled into a 2mm thick waveguide. Embedded in this waveguide are an array of electrically switchable holographically-defined diffractive optical elements that extract the wide field of view image from the thin glass into the user’s eye.

In addition, SBG technology is also used to homogenize beam shape and despeckle the laser illumination. “This versatility creates a new optical toolbox for us to add optical functionality that can be activated in the time domain to create unique optical solutions that no other technology can offer,” said Waldern. “We will be able to reveal more about what we call switchable waveguides in the coming months.”

About SBG Labs, Inc.
Located in Silicon Valley, CA, SBG Labs is the leading optical technology company that has developed a revolutionary electrically switchable holographic device called “Switchable Bragg Gratings,” hence the name SBG Labs. The electro-holographic optical technology merges breakthroughs in nanomaterial science and optical software processing by recording holographic optics into nanocomposite electro-optical material, allowing this technology to be used in many everyday products and applications.

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