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April 12, 2012

SBG Labs Partners with Rockwell Collins to Develop Switchable Waveguide Displays

SUNNYVALE, CA — Apr. 12, 2012: SBG Labs, Inc., the world leader in electro-holographic materials and devices, announced it has signed a ten year agreement with Rockwell Collins to bring to market next-generation avionics and military displays based on its breakthrough DigiLens® Switchable Waveguide Technology.

SBG developed a unique electro-holographic material and recording process that enhances the optical architecture of transparent displays, making use of thin, flat “switchable waveguide” optics. The use of waveguide optics in displays has already transformed illumination in smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs.

Non-switching waveguide optics coupled with light from tiny LEDs to “edge light” the display. Emitted light is trapped in an ultra-thin glass or plastic sheet and efficiently guided to backlight the LCD panel. The DigiLens® Switchable Waveguide Technology takes flat panel waveguide optics to the next level, going beyond purely illumination, but guiding actual images. In doing so, the large glass LCD display panel itself can be replaced with a tiny edge-lit silicon micro-displays.

SBG Labs founder and CTO Dr. Jonathan Waldern commented, “Our long-term agreement with Rockwell Collins highlights the commercial opportunity our DigiLens® photonics has for next generation avionics displays. Whilst working with the Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology Group, we have also appreciated the deep bench of engineering and managerial talent. However, due to our rapid business growth, we are immediately seeking experienced Optical Engineering staff at all levels.”

“Our collaboration with SBG is a prime example of our open innovation initiative which is chartered to identify existing technologies that bring value to our customers,” said Vice President, Advanced Technology Center for Rockwell Collins John Borghese.

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer and world leader in the development and deployment of innovative avionics solutions supported by 20,000 employees worldwide. The recent certification of its avionics systems on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane testifies to the company’s preeminence in next generation advanced displays and avionics.

About SBG Labs, Inc.
Located in Silicon Valley, CA, SBG Labs is the leading optical technology company that has developed a revolutionary electrically switchable holographic device called “Switchable Bragg Gratings,” hence the name SBG Labs. The electro-holographic optical technology merges breakthroughs in nanomaterial science and optical software processing by recording holographic optics into nanocomposite electro-optical material, allowing this technology to be used in many everyday products and applications.

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