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October 13, 2012

United States Navy Awards SBG Labs Contract for Head-Mounted Display Simulation and Training

SUNNYVALE, CA — Oct. 13, 2012: SBG Labs has received a new contract from the U.S. Navy to develop a head-mounted display (HMD) solution to aid in the simulated training for Marines using augmented reality techniques. The contract calls for the development of a near-to-eye color HMD with a focus at infinity and a monocular field of view of 65×52 degrees. The display will also have a large eye relief and large eye box (viewable zone). Resolution is expected to exceed human visual acuity–a long time goal of any HMD.

Achieving such performance has only been possible with large, heavy, expensive and ergonomically unfriendly solutions. But SBG Labs’ waveguide based Switchable Bragg Grating technology can now enable this performance in a light weight and ergonomically compact solution with a plastic combiner developed under another government contract.

Waveguide-based HMD solutions have been developed, but these solutions have been limited to a field of view of only 40 degrees and a resolution that is determined by the corresponding imager. By embedding SBGs inside the waveguide, SBG Labs can break through the FOV limitation and resolution. This is possible because the diffractive optical elements are active, which means they can be turned on and off in rapid succession. A single image can direct content to different parts of the FOV in a rapid manner. This time and space multiplexing is what allows SBG Labs to overcome the fundamental physical limits of simple waveguide solutions.

“We are delighted to be serving the Marine training application,” said SBG Labs CTO Jonathan Waldern. “We are confident that they will be very impressed with the results.”

About SBG Labs, Inc.
Located in Silicon Valley, CA, SBG Labs is the leading optical technology company that has developed a revolutionary electrically switchable holographic device called “Switchable Bragg Gratings,” hence the name SBG Labs. The electro-holographic optical technology merges breakthroughs in nanomaterial science and optical software processing by recording holographic optics into nanocomposite electro-optical material, allowing this technology to be used in many everyday products and applications.

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