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May 14, 2014

USAF Awards DigiLens a Coveted SBIR Contract for Wide Field of View HUD

SUNNYVALE, CA — May. 14, 2014: DigiLens has been awarded a new SBIR-2E contract from the US Air Force to continue development on a compact head-up display (HUD) that will be used in the retrofit avionics market. This contract follows the previously attained SBIR Contract of April 2013.

Near commercialization, this project leverages work already underway with partner Rockwell Collins and makes use of advanced waveguide technology to deliver greatly expanded pilot eye box and display field of view in a “slim-fit” form factor. HUDs are used in many military and commercial aircraft to overlay information into the pilot’s field of view. These can aid in navigation and situational awareness.

Many operational HUDs still feature CRTs that project images onto a transparent holographic beam combiner that sits a foot or two away from the pilot, positioned in the jet or helicopter canopy. Replacing this aging TV tube technology to free up additional space and allow for HD flat screen displays (like that fitted in the F-35) is the primary objective of these upgrade requirements.

DigiLens has been developing its Switchable Bragg Gratings (SBGs) primarily for use in HMD and pico projector applications. These are typically small (~1 inch) size optical devices that are positioned close to the eye. The new SBIR-2E award is designed to further develop the technology to scale to this larger size format and greatly expand its display capability.

“The opportunity to greatly improve our core display technology is a boon to any small company, and its selection ahead fierce competition, a testament to its usefulness to Air Force,” said DigiLens CTO Jonathan Waldern. “The retrofit HUD market requirements are a significant challenge in terms of both performance and cost. We are anxious to develop these solutions to address our national security needs.”

About DigiLens, Inc.
DigiLens, Inc. is the leader in diffractive waveguide optic technology and nanomaterials for augmented and virtual reality applications, serving the aerospace, automotive, government and consumer electronics market. Leveraging a toolbox of optical IP cores, we develop unique optical solutions, performing “optical origami” on some of the toughest display and imaging applications. Our breakthrough technology platform and nanomaterials help deliver the best in class AR and VR displays.

More information about the company’s offerings can be found at www.digilens.com

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