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We’re creating a truly glasses-sized reference design aimed at wide FOV AR applications, complete with head and hand tracking.

The DigiLens ArHUD: AR meets VR

ArHUD is a wide Field Of View (WFOV) display designed for AR and eventually AR+VR applications. Whether it’s a product or architectural visualization, consumer gaming, telepresence or night vision, the ArHUD is already being field trialed, superimposing sensory or computer generated data over the real world in life saving situations.

For gaming, forget the TV screens. Users will interact face-to-face with their friends and family, duking it out without confining themselves to a couch. As micro-display chips used in pico-projectors increase in resolution and reduce in size, ArHUD will eventually be used in immersive, low latency VR applications, switching between AR or VR as the see-through outside world is blocked. ArHUD applications are limited only by the imagination of the developer.  

The Road to 150º

The DigiLens demonstration ArHUD glasses integrate low latency head and hand tracking sensors to provide a rich interactive user experience. The current research prototype is 50º FOV and 720p resolution, limited only by the FOV and resolution of the pico-projector which is anticipated to rise to 65º FOV. As the FOV of the pico-projector increases, so does the need for resolution. You need to fill the greater FOV with pixels. DigiLens are working with leading pico-projection manufacturers and plan to scale the ArHUD optical architecture to 90º near term and eventually up to 150º as higher resolution pico-solutions emerge and OEM application demand materializes.

Watch DigiLens CTO Jon Waldern demo the first ArHUD build on YouTube

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