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Since the first car rolled off the assembly line, automakers have engineered vehicle instruments that display information as safely as possible. It’s never been enough to throw a dial on the dashboard and call it good. Designers must consider how much information to present, font sizes, colors and where information should appear in relation to the driver’s gaze.

Continental Along for the Ride

Continental, the world’s biggest AutoHUD maker, has entered into a strategic partnership with DigiLens to help accelerate delivery of HUDs that can be installed in automobiles to improve the driving experience and improve road safety.

With major players like Continental aboard, the market will soon see vehicles featuring this solution. Prototype sampling to automakers is in development with mass production soon after.

How the Technology Works

DigiLens’ waveguide technology utilizes integrated diffractive optics that eliminate the need for oversized lenses and mirrors. Display sizes are significantly increased so drivers can see important information augmented at eye-level, especially as it relates to the car’s surroundings. The size of the projector box is three times smaller, making it compact enough to fit beneath most dashboards, opening possibilities for interested automakers wanting to integrate AR-HUDs into upcoming models.

Continental’s HUDs provide basic 2D symbology, but with DigiLens’ waveguide technology, AR 3D graphics can be tagged to other cars and road markings in the driver’s view.

Continental’s HUDs provide basic 2D symbology, but by partnering with DigiLens, the company will be able to overlay 3D symbology within the driver’s view.

Drivers still need to divert attention from the road to check speed, fuel andoil levels and other critical information.

Now, all that data can be conveniently displayed on windshields – within the driver’s field of view – so they can keep their attention on the road where it belongs.

DigiLens’ AutoHUD will take that a step further, adding AR capabilities where digital information, such as GPS route directions or nearby landmarks, is superimposed over the driver’s real-world view.

Our Story

Founded in 2005 as Switchable Bragg Grating (SBG) Labs, the name of our technology, DigiLens has been pioneering AR and VR displays for over 15 years.

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