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It’s no secret that motorcyclists who take their eyes off the road–even momentarily–run the risk of getting into a serious accident. After all, it’s hard to spot that car emerging from a side road or cutting across your path if you’re glancing at gauges or, even worse, your mobile phone on the handlebars, right? That’s one reason many multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes involve distracted drivers and riders.

Meet DigiLens’ first personal wearable waveguide display.

The DigiLens Crystal25 (formally known as the DigiLens MonoHUD) provides distraction-free information via a monocular display. The revolutionary personal HUD design combines a full color, two-layer waveguide with a tiny, super bright image generator which can be permanently fitted into a helmet. It will be supplied in volume by Young Optics of Taiwan, one of the world’s leading display manufacturers. For smart helmet applications being developed by industry leaders, critical road information can be provided to the rider, accommodating prescription glasses without interfering with the helmet visor. Alternative HUD displays require riders to look up, down or sideways, but with the Crystal25’s display design, the rider only needs to look straight ahead.

Riding in a connected world

Crystal25 allows riders to see crystal-clear terrain mixed with daylight-bright content, ideal for outdoor applications and a game changer compared with other conventional display solutions. For the motorcyclist, this maximizes the riding experience while dramatically improving safety. Pair Crystal25 with a Bluetooth-enabled communication device with voice activation and now riders can use voice control to see distraction-free content directly in their line of site, checking their speed, fuel, pull-up navigation, locating their “Group Ride” friends or find local restaurants and of course, answer incoming text or calls–all without taking their eyes off the road.

See the DigiLens Crystal 25 in action

Less is more: Introducing the latest in waveguide technology

At Display Week 2018, DigiLens debuted a new, full-color waveguide display constructed of only two layers, resulting in a thinner, lighter, brighter, and significantly lower cost display–perfect for consumers! In addition to the new two layer design, DigiLens has begun using a new inkjet coating manufacturing process which will significantly increase throughput. Read the press release

Crystal25 Specs:

  • Full color, two-layer waveguide
  • nHD image resolution
  • Unobscured user FOV: 105º
  • AR display FOV: 25º diagonal
  • Max. brightness: up to 5,000 nits

Smart helmets & beyond

The smart helmet market is addressing the common issue of the distracted driver. Whether you’re traveling on a motorcycle or an e-bike, very often you’re tempted to look down at your phone to check your messages or to make incoming calls. Voice recognition software is so good now that it offers the developers the opportunity of combining  Crystal25 with a voice activated application, allowing the rider to check notifications or switch to the new song hands-free. DigiLens is working with several industry partners from BMW to Sena to Hudway to help them launch smart helmet applications in the coming years. With Crystal25’s HDMI connectivity, integrating it as a display can work for any application.

See the Hudway Sight in action

DigiLens Launches Consumer AR Waveguide Display with Optical Manufacturing Leader Young Optics

The DigiLens Crystal25 color waveguide display for smart helmet applications is a breakthrough in AR display efficiency and cost.

Read the press release

CES 2018

Check-out DigiLens’ presence during this year’s CES at the TI Village.

Meet "MotoHUD"