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Smart eyewear is emerging as a fast-growing consumer wearable market opportunity, driven by AR applications, proven field trials, devkits from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and 5G. The waveguide optics in the eyewear need to compact, efficient and especially low-cost to manufacturer.

Smart Eyewear–a companion to the smart phone

Soon 5G will deliver 10-20gbps, a thousand times faster than 4G. The 1ms latency will user the concept of a wireless “smart terminal” where cloud-based application processors will deliver both graphics and AI processing in real time. Advances in speech recognition is making voice the vital interaction paradigm for hands-free control. Delivering information via AR-enabled devices is an extremely effective way to communicate actionable, pragmatic work instructions. 

USB-C: Power from the hip

The Crystal30 will enable the ideal smart glasses companion–the smart phone! Tapping the USB-C smartphone power and intelligence can provide the smart glasses with up with 5 hours * of batter life, making for a lightweight, always-on pair of smart glasses that merge physical and digital content. This all-day wearable display is focused on enterprise applications like service and logistics, process and manufacturing engineering.

*Tested using a Samsung S8, Verizon Wireless LTE

DigiLens Waveguide Manufacturing – Simplicity by design

Due to the efficiency of the optics, the Crystal30 reference design delivers a lightweight, compact, smart glasses form-factor. Our best-in-class photopolymer and contact-copy manufacturing process is the result of fourteen years of R&D, simplifying classic holography into a photocopy-like process. Manufacturers can now produce thin, high-quality smart glasses with DigiLens waveguides faster and more affordable than ever before.

Manufacturing Process Animation Video

Partners Climbing Aboard

DigiLens is currently sampling Crystal30. We’re actively engaged with enterprise and consumer OEMs who share a vision of a lightweight, all-day wearable display in an ever-connect world.

Our Story

Founded in 2003 as Switchable Bragg Grating (SBG) Labs, the name of our technology, DigiLens has been pioneering AR and VR displays for over 15 years.

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