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Designed with DigiLens’ breakthrough architecture, the 50º waveguide lens minimizes form factor while expanding the overall field of view.

The next generation of extended reality (XR) lenses

DigiLens’ new waveguide display breakthrough architecture allows multiple diffractive optical structures to be multiplexed, thereby enabling the optical path in the eyeglass-sized transparent display to be integrated and compressed. This allows the field-of-view to be widened compared to competitor approaches while maintaining a compact lens form factor.

A step towards head worn

The Crystal50 — when mounted into the DigiLens Iris reference design, an XR headset fitted with a 720p pico projector, VSLAM head tracker and cameras — enables a 60º binocular FOV, allowing more opportunities for immersive XR content creation.

Featured on Road to VR’s, “10 Projects That Have Us Excited About the Next Generation of VR & AR”

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