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Digilens MotoHUD Features

MotoHUD™ — Smart Helmet Application



Traffic information

Hazard warning

Rear view camera

Night vision



Voice command

Quick mount

Retro fit to any helmet

Wifi connection



Compatible with iOS



Allows space for users eye glasses

Retro fit into any modern helmet without modification

Ultra thin frameless display

Shatter protected waveguide

Compliant with DOT standards for 15 degree peripheral view

Auto dimming for changes in light intensity

Fits under a shaded inner visor

Wireless connection

Voice controlled

“Siri, show me a good Yelp rated restaurant ahead.”

“Cortana, what is the weather on my ride today?”

“Alexa, text Jim, "I see your location, and I'm catching you up."”

Before there was a phone…. and then there was a smart phone. The type and list of applications enabled by MotoHUD is limited only by our OEM partner imagination.

Their creativity will transform the rider experience from a lonely journey, where often only the destination is the goal, into an interactive experience with a virtual companion, in an Augmented Reality (AR) world full of interest and conversation

Riding in a connected world

Cable to MotoHUD

Magnetic power/charging point

Rear view camera

Wireless image generator

No modification needed to the helmet

Why Head-Up Displays are Safer

Enhanced Performance and Safety 

Fundamental Human Factor led principles of HUDs, developed and proven over many years for avionics and cars, are translatable to not only motorcycles, but any human transportation moving more than fifteen Miles Per hour (MPH).  Researchers agree that the chief benefit of the HUD is the significant increase in the time the rider spends "eyes-on-road" versus “eyes-down".  Intuitively, this will reduce the probability that the rider fails to detect a time-critical event in front of him.

Another general benefit of HUDs is that eyes refocus much faster when switching from the road to the HUD image, which typically is accommodated by the user or “floats”, several meters in front of the eye. This benefit means that the use of HUDs will lead to a reduction in the number of road traffic accidents involving motorcycles.

Other well documented human performance benefits include simplifying the combined tasks of driving safely, monitoring vehicle speed and performance, and navigating to the destination.

HUDs can reduce rider fatigue when managing vehicle information while paying attention to the outside world. A well-designed HUD should provide conformal imagery perceived as genuinely part of the real world. A HUD aligned close to the driver's line of sight enables the intuitive display of superior features such as night vision enhancement for example.

Quoted Report from  the  US  National  Highway  Traffic  Safety  Administration  (NHTSA), published in 1995.

"OK DigiLens..."
"Show Maps"
"Play music"

Voice Commands

Motorcycle HUDs offer  the rider  a whole new  riding experience. Information is projected at infinity in to the riders view.

The  helmet  is linked wirelessly to the riders mobile phone and bike, and just like in a car, the HUD displays features and utilities such as GPS mapping, localized speed, traffic warnings, phone communications, engine management, fuel, trip and turn indicators.

Rear and front recording action cameras all benefit from being displayed seamlessly “on-demand”, without distracting the rider from his safe-awareness horizon line or requiring eye refocusing.


A Head UP Display (HUD) gives distraction free information projected to your field of view.

Rear view camera



WiFi linked smart phone

Start/reset button

Handlebars for balance