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It’s no secret that motorcyclists who take their eyes off the road – even momentarily – run the risk of getting into a serious accident. After all, it’s hard to spot that car emerging from a side road or cutting across your path if you’re glancing at gauges or, even worse, your mobile phone on the handlebars. Right? That’s one reason many multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes involve distracted drivers and riders.

Meet DigiLens’ first personal wearable waveguide display.

The DigiLens MonoHUD provides distraction-free information to the wearer via a monocular display. DigiLens’ revolutionary personal HUD design combines a full color waveguide with a tiny, super-efficient and bright image generator which can be permanently fitted into the helmet. The eyepiece is simply clipped in when the rider wants a display.

MonoHUD provides critical road information to the motorcyclist, accommodating prescription glasses without interfering with the helmet visor. Alternative HUD displays require riders to look up, down or sideways, but with the MonoHUD reference design the rider only needs to look straight ahead.

Riding in a connected world

DigiLens’ MonoHUD technology takes a different slant, organizing on-screen digital and physical visual data in ways that maximize the riding experience while dramatically improving safety.

A light-weight waveguide optic “monocle” clipped onto compatible helmets, projects bright, clear, full-color images right at eye level so riders don’t have to divert their gaze from the infinite horizon. With MonoHUD, it will be a breeze to check your speed or fuel levels, pull up GPS directions, find local restaurants or landmarks, and answer incoming calls.

With this emerging technology, it all comes down to what motorcyclists demand and what developers are able to deliver for this exciting platform.

But Wait . . . There’s More

MonoHUD has already caught the attention of BMW Motorrad, which has partnered with DigiLens to demonstrate how the technology can be used in motorcycle helmets.

But it’s also being field-tested for a range of other activities, including cycling, skiing and multi-player gaming. And it’s just as applicable for instructional scenarios, such as guiding factory workers on assembling products, walking mechanics through complicated repairs and helping teachers make classroom learning more fun and engaging for students.

The application possibilities for MonoHUD are truly endless, and developers are encouraged to learn more by clicking here.

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