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October 13, 2017

Team DigiLens!

HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to all of you for your generous donation ($1,890 in total!) in support of the Canary Challenge, an annual fundraiser aimed at research into early cancer detection.  My daughter and I participated with Team ROAR, enduring a grueling but very much rewarding 50 mile charity bike ride through the peninsula hills.  So proud that Team ROAR made it to the top three teams with the help of Digilens!

VMWARE: $63,491.55
CANARY PEEPS: $50,041.50
TEAM ROAR: $43,498.81
AGILENT: $39,650.23

Next year, I welcome and encourage all of you to participate in the Canary Challenge and would like to establish our own Digilens team. Your devotion in supporting this Challenge has touched many individuals directly and indirectly as we continue to spread awareness of the importance in early stage cancer detection. 

Thank you!

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