Core Technology

Holographic displays are the hardest part of XR devices, especially when you need to hit a consumer price point

DigiLens’ Waveguides are the Missing Piece to XR Displays

daylight bright for indoor and outdoor use

socially acceptable low eye glow

most efficient waveguides in the market

material set for switchable gratings

What is Eye Glow?

Eye glow is a general side effect of diffractive waveguides. It occurs when light is projected away from the user’s eye and is visible to the outside world. High eye glow can be distracting to others, reduce visibility to the user’s eyes, and is typically a sign of lower waveguide efficiency.

Manufacturing Process

Pairing DigiLens’ materials with our inkjet printing and holographic contact copy process* allows for optimization and quick iteration

*Only requires a Class 100 clean room

Less Compromising, More Inventing

Wearable XR displays for everyone. We provide reference designs as a starting point for our partners to then customize waveguides for their targeted use case

With an efficiency of over 350 nits/lumen averaged over the full FOV, this 50° waveguide is perfect for gaming, entertainment and screen replacement use cases

With the lowest volume pricing of any waveguide in the industry, our licensees are ready to scale to enable enterprise use cases like remote expert, glance notifications and step-by-step instructions


With an efficiency over 1,200 nits/lumen averaged over the full FOV, outdoor XR experiences become a reality

As seen through actual Crystal30-G waveguide


T-REx is a powerful electrically switchable wobulation solution that allows customers to leverage low-res hardware to provide max resolution without adding size, weight, heat or noise.

Native Resolution
T-REx High Resolution
T-REx removes the screen door effect from projected image

*As seen through actual T-REx solution

Native Resolution
T-REx High Resolution
Demonstrated improvement of Siemens Star pattern

*As seen through actual T-REx solution

Native Resolution
T-REx High Resolution
Doubles the resolution of projected image

*As seen through actual T-REx solution

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Plastic Waveguides

The world’s first scalable plastic waveguide is here, enabling high performance XR smartglasses in a lightweight form factor.

Large Format Waveguides

With DigiLens’ printable waveguide technology, tablet and larger formats (think office window size) are possible at a realistic price point. We’re interested in hearing about your use case

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