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Hardware Development Kits

Our hardware development kits facilitate the creation of specialized head worn devices by allowing innovators to evaluate design concepts with DigiLens waveguides in a clear and straightforward way.


A turn-key viewing and capture tool that enables users to evaluate and develop wearable devices with the Crystal30 and optimized DLP projection system. The pre-aligned optical test bench is compatible with standard metric mounting systems.

Download the Insight30 Specification Overview

The DigiLens AeroHUD–FAA Approved!

You don’t have to be a top gun to realize flying modern aircraft through rain, wind and fog can be incredibly challenging. AeroHUD’s FAA Certification is the first of its kind, and a testament to the integrity of DigiLens’ technology and material set. 

Critical flight information can be displayed in the pilot’s FOV for greater flight path awareness and safety. AeroHUD replaces classic bulky HUD technology with more compact and efficient technologies. This level of clarification demonstrates the true power of AR, and increases the pilot’s confidence because they now have a clear understanding of their environment.

Light Engines

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