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Heads-up Display

The Journey to Autonomy

Digilens’ HUDs enable “at-a-glance” AR driving experiences and enhance overall safety by delivering relevant information exactly at the moment it’s needed


The DigiLens AutoHUD doubles a conventional HUD’s field-of-view and reduces the component volume to one-sixth of the standard size. Instead of using mirrors to direct and magnify images, our technology utilizes integrated diffractive optics that eliminate the need for bulky lenses and mirrors. The FOV is significantly increased so drivers can conveniently see important information augmented at their line of sight and keep their attention on the road where it belongs.

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The DigiLens AeroHUD–FAA Approved!

You don’t have to be a top gun to realize flying modern aircraft through rain, wind and fog can be incredibly challenging. AeroHUD’s FAA Certification is the first of its kind, and a testament to the integrity of DigiLens’ technology and material set. 

Critical flight information can be displayed in the pilot’s FOV for greater flight path awareness and safety. AeroHUD replaces classic bulky HUD technology with more compact and efficient technologies. This level of clarification demonstrates the true power of AR, and increases the pilot’s confidence because they now have a clear understanding of their environment.


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Light Engines

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