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October 2, 2018

To Production! DigiLens MonoHUD Makes Its Way to Taiwan

It’s been an exciting and busy year for DigiLens. The DigiLens team has been busy designing, building and testing a pilot production line in Sunnyvale for the DigiLens MonoHUD, a consumer wearable AR waveguide display. After months and months of preparation, the time has finally come for us to pack up the lasers, hex bolts and bunny suits for a trip to Taiwan to see our good friends and optical manufacturing leaders Young Optics in Hsinchu City.

Sixteen massive wooden crates weighing over 4,600 pounds (2,085kg) traveled 6,503 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

A team of engineers from Young Optics and DigiLens worked closely together setting up the tools and systems to start MonoHUD production. Long hours were spent in the cleanroom installing and training everyone on the toolsets. With the tools onsite, Young Optics can start working with the tools to make MonoHUD waveguides prior to mass production.

We can’t wait to see developers from all around the world take our technology and turn it into something that consumers want to use every day.

With one day off during the install, the team took the high-speed rail to Taipei for an aerial view of the capital from Taipei 101.

Many lunch boxes and pineapple cakes were consumed.

Will Southard, Systems Engineer

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