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March 1, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: WHOAments at CES 2018

The first couple of months of 2018 have come and gone, and boy, it’s been one helluva start!

January started off with one of the biggest technology shows in the world—the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas. After that, it’s been filled with meetings on meetings on meetings, and finally ended with SPIE’s Photonics West in San Francisco.

It’s been on my bucket list to attend CES once in my lifetime, and based on how things are going it looks like I’ll be attending more! Here are a couple thoughts about my time at CES:

1.    Just, WHOA.
The theme of this year’s show was #WHOAments, probably because today’s technology has finally hit that milestone we only dreamed about through futuristic television shows and movies. I’m talking about artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, robots, smart cities, and augmented and virtual reality integrating into our everyday lives.

To simply say the technology at CES was “innovative” is an understatement. From shiny minimalistic concept cars to companion robots that can feel feelings to smart utopias to 250 drones dancing over the Bellagio fountains to Kygo’s “Stargazing”—CES was nothing short of spectacular.

2. DigiLens@CES
DigiLens’ presence at CES was twice as nice: The DigiLens MonoHUD, a monocular consumer AR waveguide display, was a part of the popular Texas Instruments (TI) Village at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the AutoHUD was tucked away at the Renaissance Hotel as part of one of our partner private suites.

When we weren’t wandering the show floor ooh-ing and aw-ing at everything, we were busy with back-to-back meetings at the TI Village. The DigiLens MonoHUD featured a pico projector equipped with a DLP chip, and captivated visitors with its interactive, hands-free application.

While MonoHUD can be used in a variety of product applications, we felt it best showed the potential of a true heads-up display (HUD) through the eyes of a motorcyclist. We designed and built the demo around the idea that motorcycle HUDs can offer riders a whole new riding experience, with important information such as navigation, speed and bike status projected to the rider’s field of view, providing them with distraction-free information. The DigiLens smart helmet was fully integrated with cameras, speakers, a microphone and Bluetooth, allowing content to be wirelessly streamed to MonoHUD through voice commands.

DigiLens plans to launch MonoHUD with optical manufacturing leader Young Optics later this year. Read “Ar has inherited all the promise and hype of VR,” on The Verge.

The DigiLens AutoHUD, a holographic waveguide HUD for automobiles, was seen by major car manufacturers from around the world. Many expressed interest in the product, but due to the private demo environment… we can’t say more.

So, what’s next?
We’re looking forward to meeting our customers and partners again at Display Week in Los Angeles during May. When it comes to CES, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas and can generate very productive results!

This blog was originally posted on LinkedIn. Please visit LinkedIn for more photos.

Jacqueline Nguyen
Customer Experience Manager & Marketer

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