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The Missing Piece to Augmented Reality Displays

DigiLens’ optical platform allows scaling partners to create customizable, cost-effective waveguide-based XR devices for both enterprise and consumer applications. DigiLens’ optics are manufactured from a proprietary photopolymer and low-cost holographic contact copy manufacturing process, which is more cost-effective and scalable than other waveguide solutions on the market.


The Crystal30 offers a nearly transparent, daylight-bright display and provides users the flexibility to develop different types of meaningful XR applications. Crystal30 is DigiLens’ lightest, full color waveguide to date, providing a high-quality display at a great value.

Crystal50: The next generation of XR lenses

Designed with DigiLens’ breakthrough architecture, the 50º diagonal waveguide lens minimizes form factor while expanding the overall field-of-view. This new waveguide display breakthrough architecture allows multiple diffractive optical structures to be multiplexed, enabling the optical path in the transparent display to be integrated and compressed. 

The DigiLens Difference

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