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We’re powering an emerging breed of unique XR devices through our technology partners.


Our optical platform allows scaling partners to create customizable, cost-effective waveguide-based XR devices for both enterprise and consumer applications.

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Head-up Displays

HUDs project distraction-free information to your field of view so that can keep your eyes where it matters —directly in front of you.

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Hardware Development Kits

Our hardware development kits facilitate the creation of specialized head-worn devices by allowing innovators to evaluate design concepts with DigiLens waveguides in a clear and straightforward way.

  • Light Engines for XR Smartglasses

    There are several light engine technologies competing for the throne when it comes to XR smartglasses. In our latest thought piece, we dive into this examination in hopes that it helps hardware developers accelerate the creation...

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  • Accelerating XR Hardware with the Visualize Development Framework

    Innovation through iteration
  • DigiLens Doubles Down on Its Optical Technology Strategy with Increased Investment

    Follow-on investment in DigiLens will accelerate XR optical solutions that can hit a consumer price point

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Breakthrough Proprietary Optical Systems for XR-Enabled Devices

Our technology has a suite of advantages for our partners.

Our daylight-bright waveguides provide a high quality display at a great value.

The DigiLens Difference

With the optical complexity printed into the waveguide, the reduced number of components and touch labor result in a lower manufacturing cost.

The DigiLens Difference

Because we print many of the optical structures into the waveguide, there are fewer display components so assembly time is quicker and more consistent, resulting in higher yield.

The DigiLens Difference