DigiLens is building unparalleled momentum in the market. We are proud to partners with many of the world’s leading companies in mobility, manufacturing, and materials, including glass and plastic, and have a world class ecosystem to support the next evolution of mobility.

Licensing & Manufacturing

To support global scaling for waveguide adoption, DigiLens is expanding our technology ecosystem geographically with our waveguide licensees. Together, we are creating a foundation for headworn XR devices to become the next paradigm in computing. 

Leader in the optical component industry developing innovative AR applications.

India-based licensee to scale production globally for waveguides and ARGO.

Largest R&D and industrialization base of precision optoelectronic thin film components in the world.

Interested in partnering with us?

When creating the next computing category, there are lots of opportunities and market potential to capture. Let us know what you specialize in.
Software partner
Waveguide manufacturing partner
Strategic or design R&D partner
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