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Building Extended Reality (XR) Devices With Our Partners Through Licensing

Daylight bright, light weight optics are the hardest part of creating any quality extended reality experience. Here at DigiLens, one of our primary missions is providing the essential display know-how for next generation mobile compute.

We license our optical technology and photopolymer to partners in the hardware, software, and manufacturing sectors globally. This format allows our partners within the growing head worn ecosystem to maximize value by accessing a scalable and cost-effective solution while keeping their focus on what they are best at.

Types of Partnerships

Every partnership is unique and needs the proper environment, care, and feeding to grow. DigiLens’s current partnerships are grouped into one of two categories: A) Hardware and Manufacturing Scaling Partners, and B) Software and Content Development Collaboration Partners.

Scaling Partners

Production Partners – Production Partners (also referred to as licensees) take on a license to be component makers of DigiLens waveguide displays and/or light engines.

Contract Manufacturers – Contract Manufacturers are our scaling partners who use components from DigiLens production partners to assemble white label products. Contract manufacturers have the option to be both a production partner and a volume product manufacturer simultaneously, or they can choose to focus on just one piece of the process.

Become a Scaling Partner

Collaboration Partners

Collaboration Partners are our network of independent software vendors and content developers. They range from:

  • 3D Artist/Generalists
  • AI Engineers
  • Brand Experience Designers
  • Animation Specialists
  • Computer Graphics Artists
  • Computer Vision Engineers
  • Creative Directors
  • Game Designers
  • Interaction Engineers
  • Technical Artists
  • Total Solution Architects
  • UI/UX Designers

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Visualize Partners

Visit the Visualize page to learn more about the framework.

Our Current Production Partners:

Young Optics is a leader in the optical component industry, continuously developing innovative optical products involved in daily life, including things like mobile projection, smart monitoring, computer vision, machine vision and face/object identification. They are researching and developing innovative applications in the AR and VR space to bring more diversity to the world.


Zhejiang Crystal-Optech Co., Ltd. is the largest R&D and industrialization base of precision optoelectronic thin film components in the world. They produce optical displays, optical imaging products, optical lenses, and other products.

Advantages DigiLens Partners Clearly See

Quality. Cost. Capacity.
DigiLens waveguides displays offer the first high-quality, transparent, full color and WFOV display in a small form factor that is more cost-effective and scalable than any other waveguide display solution in the market.

Enabling Our Partners

We offer a full suite of technologies that allow our partners to design and manufacture waveguides for themselves and their customers. We’re connecting the world like never before by developing breakthrough waveguide display technologies that enable our partners to innovate at scale to create meaningful XR experiences.

DigiLens Waveguide Studio – Iterating Hardware at the Speed of Software
Production Partners gain access to our proprietary software tools designed specifically for our waveguide optics to assist in the initial design and modeling of their waveguide displays. These software tools enable our partners to iterate hardware at the speed of software.

Manufacturing Tools and Process – Teaching Our Partners to Fish
Not only do we provide our partners the software to model and design their waveguide displays, but also the manufacturing tools and processes that allow them then to build their own waveguides.