A Visionary Company Leading the Way

We’re an innovative team in the heart of Silicon Valley focused on helping our partners create the next computing category. Every day we design, invent and refine optical solutions for the next generation of mobile compute devices that will enable the market to shift from handheld to head worn.

Strategic investment partners creating an unrivaled ecosystem

Global Leader in Plastic Substrates
Global Leader in Mobile Technologies
Global Leader in Planet-Scaled AR
Global Leader in Glass Substrates
Global Leader in Automotive HUDs
Global Leader in Optics and Console Gaming
Global Leader in OLED Technologies and Materials
Global Leader in Disruptive Tech Investments
Focus on principles

Best-in-class optics

Leading features include: waveguide efficiency, glass or plastic substrates, switchable gratings for enhancing resolution, highest transparency, lowest eye glow, and the ability to globally scale.

Elements matter

Enabling materials

DigiLens’ proprietary holographic photopolymers are formulated for high optical efficiency and low haze, enabling modulated light extraction for full color RGB displays with a large field-of-view. This material can be deposited using inkjet printing allowing for large-scale manufacturing at a low cost.


Smartglasses expertise

No one-size fits all. For smartglasses to take off in a sustainable manner, they must be tailored in capability, as well as look and feel, to their target industry and use case. DigiLens is built to help the ecosystem achieve this clear requirement.



What you can expect:

  • Creative approaches to hard problems
  • Energetic and collaborative environment
  • Passionate people striving to continuously improve
  • Cutting-edge technology that will change the world

Management team

Chris Pickett

Chief Executive Officer

Ratson Morad

Chief Operations Officer

Bob Finley

Chief Financial Officer

Alastair Grant

SVP, Optical Engineering

Nima Shams

VP & GM, Product Business Unit

Brian Hamilton

VP, Sales & Marketing

Board members

Patrick Suel

Chairman of the Board

Chris Pickett

Board Member, DigiLens Inc.

Jim Whims

Board Member, Alsop Louie

Robert Young

Independent Board Member

Ulrich Lueders

Board Member, Continental

H.S. Kim

Board Member, Samsung

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