Mojo Vision Announces DigiLens Partnership to Combine High-Performance micro-LED with Breakthrough SRG+ Technology and Waveguides

Mojo Vision and DigiLens to advance augmented reality products with groundbreaking technology

SARATOGA, California, May 29, 2023: Mojo Vision, the high-performance micro-LED company, has partnered with DigiLens Inc., an innovator in head-worn holographic display and waveguide technology, to integrate its micro-LED technology with DigiLens’ breakthrough surface relief gratings (SRG) technology and waveguides for peak optimization. The partnership will accelerate development of products for the augmented reality (AR)/extended reality (XR) market, combining the capabilities of each company’s high-performance, cost-effective technology.

Mojo Vision is building the next-generation of micro-LEDs to disrupt the global display industry; it has already debuted industry-first technology including the smallest, densest dynamic display.

Micro-LED displays are a critical component for powering AR/XR immersive, experiential products and systems. Mojo’s high-performance micro-LED display technology has the capability to deliver the necessary resolution, performance and efficiency for advanced AR/XR systems, especially in form-factors like smart glasses. Together, Mojo Vision and DigiLens will deliver on these requirements and enhance DigiLens’ current products for best-in-class performance in the near-term, while collaborating to drive commercialization and adoption of the next generation of AR/XR products in the long-term.

“Bringing our technologies together will raise the bar on display performance, and efficiency in the AR/XR industry,” said Nikhil Balram, CEO of Mojo Vision. “Partnering with DigiLens brings AR glasses closer to mass-scale consumer electronics. These devices require a single-panel RGB micro-LED display with very small pixels, high brightness and efficiency, and a holographic waveguide with great uniformity, large field of view, minimal eye glow in a light-weight, compact form factor.”

“Mojo’s proven micro-LED technology stands out from the competition, providing the high-resolution, integrated RGB panel solution that enables a form factor small enough for AR smartglasses,” said Chris Pickett, DigiLens CEO. “Combined with DigiLens’ advanced SRG+-based waveguide displays, which produce best-in-class optical efficiencies and performance, the total form factor of the AR glasses can finally be small and light enough for consumers to wear for long periods of time and bright enough to allow them to see the superimposed digital information — even on a sunny day — without needing to darken the lenses.”

About Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision is focused on developing and commercializing high-performance micro-LED display technology for consumer, enterprise and government applications. The company combines breakthrough technology, leading display and semiconductor expertise, and an advanced 300mm manufacturing process to deliver on the promise of micro-LED displays. Mojo’s proprietary quantum-dot technology brings full color capability to its display platform, and meets the superior performance demands for all form factors. Mojo Vision developed the world’s smallest, densest dynamic display for the first AR smart contact lens and is now applying this innovation and expertise to lead the disruption of the $160 billion display industry.


Carol Boyko
104 West Partners for Mojo Vision

About DigiLens Inc.

DigiLens is a leader in holographic waveguides used for XR displays. The company has developed a patented optical platform and photopolymer technology that deliver best-in-class solutions using a unique, low-cost contact-copy manufacturing process. DigiLens enables OEM partners to design and build XR-enabled devices for the global automobile, enterprise, consumer, avionics, and defense industries. Based in Sunnyvale, CA, DigiLens’ investors include industry leaders like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Diamond Edge Ventures, the strategic investment arm of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, Alsop Louie Partners, Optimas Capital Management, 37 Interactive Entertainment, UDC Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Universal Display Corporation, Niantic, Inc., Sony Innovation Fund, Dolby Family Ventures, Continental AG, and more.

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Brian Hamilton

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