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Accelerating XR Hardware

The Visualize hardware development framework creates industry standards for smartglasses. Visualize combines DigiLens optical technologies with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform to establish a best-in-class XR platform.

Innovation Through Iteration

Visualize is different from every other head worn announcement because it’s not a product; it’s a framework that equips developers with a starter hardware platform to build XR experiences. Designed to be flexible enough to meet qualified customers’ needs, Visualize will accelerate the establishment of the next computing category without having to worry about the complicated hardware (optics, compute, tracking, ergonomics) that comes with it.

Innovation through iterative development

Visualize’s modular structure allows for iteration at the individual component level. This architecture provides the benefit of speed and flexibility to rapidly innovate on form, cost, performance and reliability.

Use case driven

v1 is the first pre-release smartglasses built within the Visualize framework. It was created for content developers who need early hardware to jumpstart and refine their unique XR experiences. 

Experience focused

Design v1 breaks down traditional hardware barriers so developers can focus on what really matters– the user experience. We envision adding different versions of head worn devices to the framework, each designed for a specific purpose.

Meet the Next Generation of
Mobile Computing Hardware

Design v1

v1 is the initial device from the Visualize framework. It has been optimized to take advantage of the latest technological advances currently in market and provides developers a full, customizable, AOSP/OpenXR-compatible dev system.

Combined with core DigiLens optical technologies and the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, v1 pushes the envelope even further when it comes to setting best-in-class XR standards.

The Face of the Future Looks Smart

Complete XR System

The Snapdragon XR2 chip enables developers to bridge the gap between digital information and physical real-world objects through its integrated memory, RAM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Personalized ID

From the removable light engine to interchangeable, customizable faceplates and ear horns, Design v1’s modular design makes future technology upgrades cost effective. Partners will gain access to multiple sizes, allowing for greater user comfort.

Smart Technologies

Built with the same thoughtful nature that makes DigiLens unique and scalable, Design v1 provides users with a WFOV waveguide display and light engine that’s brighter, lighter and transparent than any other head worn XR device in the world. 

Suite of Features

Inside-out tracking and SLAM, depth sensing, center camera, multiple microphones, spatial audio. Designed to be a standalone product with external battery pack (option to have an integrated battery pack or wireless charging).

Starter Platform,
Unlimited Possibilities

Qualified partners will select from one of two Visualize framework avenues that is most appropriate for their specific commercialization objectives. Our horizontal business model is flexible and intended to support select, best-in-class XR ecosystem players. This framework is built for rapid scalability and to capitalize on go-to-market channel partners who have the capacity to interface with content developers and end users in all industry verticals.

Option 1: Product Development

This development path is targeted for innovative Tier 1 and Tier 2  technology companies and hardware manufacturers who do not want to miss out on the next mobile compute category.

Partners who select this avenue will have the option to decide if they want to be responsible for the final approval of their device’s product requirements document (PRD) or use an existing device already created by DigiLens. This option’s flexible structure can accelerate a company’s current product development efforts or be used as a greenfield project to enable rapid access into the burgeoning head worn category. A nominal project will cover all the lead up work necessary for a product’s:

  • Reference design;
  • Low rate initial production (LRIP); and
  • White label design

Option 2: Business Alliance

The framework’s business alliance option is targeted to global Telco’s, independent software vendors, system integrators and consultants, IoT programmers and other similar qualified partners who have compelling XR experiences, but who are not able to meet the unit volume requirements to achieve an initial build of the desired head worn device.

This development path creates an alliance of companies who will benefit from each other’s XR activities by pulling together smaller volume orders to reach the minimum order quantity needed for production.

DigiLens handles the identification of the specific contract manufacturer and handoff of all product build standards and specifications. The members of the alliance are responsible for all device retail pricing, software content, regional safety certifications, and post-sales business and technical support.


Field Services

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Home repair/Installation
  • Insurance/Inspection

Warehouse & Logistics



Entertainment (stationary & mobile)

  • Movies/TV
  • Gaming
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Sports & Live Events


AEC + Real Estate

Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC)


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