Ultraleap Launches Second Generation of Iconic Hand Tracking Camera – Leap Motion Controller 2

Smaller, lighter, better hand tracking camera available Summer 2023

Bristol, UK – Wednesday 31 May 2023: On the opening day of AWE 2023, Ultraleap announces the launch of the Leap Motion Controller 2, the second generation of the iconic hand tracking camera that allows you to use your own hands to interact naturally with digital content in 3D.

Leading on from its successful predecessor, the Leap Motion Controller 2 is the ideal hardware for experiencing Ultraleap’s world-class hand tracking. Key improvements over the original Leap Motion Controller include higher resolution cameras, a significantly increased field of view, and 25% lower power consumption, all in a 30% smaller package for optimum placement and convenience.

It is the most flexible camera ever developed by Ultraleap and is compatible across platforms and complimentary hardware including VR/MR/AR headsets, PCs, and holographic displays.

Leap Motion Controller 2 leading launch partners

Designed for the world of XR, the Leap Motion Controller 2 allows you to immerse yourself for longer in untethered virtual reality (VR) experiences with Pico, including the Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye, Pico 4 Enterprise, and Pico G3 models.

Amir Khorram, Director of North America, at ByteDance (owner of Pico) said: “The relationship between Ultraleap and Pico has already helped to create a powerful XR enterprise ecosystem that is transforming the way businesses and industries engage with digital content. We’re proud to support Ultraleap in the launch of the Leap Motion Controller 2 and demonstrate the unparalleled precision and responsiveness of Ultraleap’s hand tracking with Pico’s cutting-edge virtual reality devices at AWE.”

Using the Leap Motion Controller 2 as an accessory, you can also enhance your experiences on PC VR using the Varjo Aero.

In a world first at AWE, get hands-on with mobile augmented reality (AR) by attaching the Leap Motion Controller 2 to ARGO by DigiLens – smartglasses for enterprise and lite-industrial workers. Users will experience the future of interactive learning with 3DCAD, an application that lets you explore and interact with a 3D model of an electric motor.

Brian Hamilton, VP of Sales & Marketing at DigiLens said: “We are incredibly excited about the launch of the Leap Motion Controller 2 and its integration with our ARGO smartglasses. At DigiLens, we strive to provide cutting-edge augmented reality solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency at scale for enterprise and lite-industrial users. Hand tracking is a vital component for our customers as it empowers them to interact seamlessly with digital content, enabling faster and more precise manipulation of virtual objects. This technology opens up new possibilities for training, remote collaboration, and real-time data visualization, revolutionizing the way industries work.”

During the show, Ultraleap will also be demonstrating the Leap Motion Controller 2 attached to Tilt Five AR headsets and used in conjunction with Battle Map Studio. The experience allows you to use your real hands to interact, play games with your friends, and build virtual worlds.

Wider platform support, more software

With the Leap Motion Controller 2, for the first time Ultraleap’s Gemini hand tracking will be compatible with macOS, Android XR2, and Windows, opening up huge opportunities for content creators to access global audiences with their games and applications.

As the enterprise XR market has grown, Ultraleap has seen the likes of NMY, PIXO VR and AutoDesk’s VRED use hand tracking to enhance and improve training and productivity. The Leap Motion Controller 2 provides greater flexibility and choice to content developers and software providers, enabling better experiences for end users.

Brian Draper, VP, Content at PIXO VR said: “At PIXO VR, we understand the power of hand tracking in VR training experiences. It can be crucial in creating truly immersive and realistic training simulations, allowing users to naturally manipulate objects and perform complex tasks in virtual environments. We are proud to support the launch of the Leap Motion Controller 2 and offer this hand tracking solution to our customers. We are already working on exciting projects that will redefine the way organizations approach VR training. Stay tuned for the incredible experiences we are developing in collaboration with customers.”

Beyond XR use cases, the Leap Motion Controller 2 also enhances the way performers express their music and art, enables VTuber presenters to embody their avatars and allows natural interaction with applications and games on macOS, Android XR2, and Windows.

The first 10 years were just the beginning

Since its launch in 2013, a million units of the original Leap Motion Controller have been sold and more than 350,000 developers have created applications and interactive experiences with hand tracking. From helping to cure amblyopia, making dogs wise, Legoland rides, aviation VR training and enabling Ultraleap’s own first generation of mid-air haptics, the Leap Motion Controller has powered countless ground-breaking innovations. It is now synonymous with gesture interaction.

Tom Carter, CEO and Co-founder at Ultraleap said: “As we unveil the smaller, lighter, better Leap Motion Controller 2, we celebrate a decade of pioneering advancements in hand tracking technology. This latest generation builds upon the strong foundation laid by its predecessor and reconfirms our commitment to providing our global community of developers and creators with the world’s best hand tracking technology. 

“The Leap Motion Controller 2 not only represents the culmination of our journey so far but also enables a future where natural interaction becomes the norm. We are excited to share this next iteration with the world and continue breaking down the barriers between physical and digital worlds. We thank everyone who has helped us get to this point.”

Interaction experiences powered by the Leap Motion Controller have improved over time due to a decade’s worth of developments and iterations in Ultraleap software. With the announcement of the new product, the original Leap Motion Controller is now retired. Existing customers may continue to access the latest compatible software including the soon-to-be-released Gemini for macOS.  Support will also continue to be provided. Future versions of the software will not deliver any performance improvements to the original Leap Motion Controller device.

The Leap Motion Controller 2 is available for pre-order now through RobotShop for $139 (USD) MSRP – XR Headset Mount and license options are separate. Global shipping is expected in Summer 2023. The Leap Motion Controller 2 macOS, Android XR2, and Windows releases will be made available at the same time.

Experience Ultraleap at AWE

Ultraleap will be showcasing the Leap Motion Controller 2 at AWE 2023, booth #724 and #1345. AWE partners for the Leap Motion Controller 2 include Pico, Varjo, DigiLens, Tilt Five and Looking Glass. ManageXR (#725), ArborXR (#400) and bHaptics (#513) will also have Ultraleap’s hand tracking available to demo.


About Ultraleap

Ultraleap’s world-leading hand tracking and unrivalled mid-air haptic technologies allow you to engage with the digital world naturally – without touching surfaces. No touchscreens. No controllers. No keypads. From enhancing 2D screens to developing fully immersive 3D experiences, Ultraleap powers natural, safe and effortless digital interaction in the increasingly connected world.

Ultraleap employs more than 150 people across Europe, North America and Asia. It has become the first to offer the full vertical stack of software and hardware to enable spatial computing for the automotive, out of home, industrial, XR, entertainment and medical sectors.


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