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“Having tried out the ARGO smartglasses at CES, my main surprise was that unlike convention AR/VR headsets, I was able to see through the glasses to be fully aware of the environment around me, yet still experience in front of my eyes a full computer simulation of a typical industrial scenario and get my hands around the projected system in front of me. It really was like wearing a full computer system on my head.”

DigiLens has announced a compelling new product for the AR market with its lightweight, industrial-grade ARGO headset—one that I believe fills an important gap for low-profile, standalone AR glasses.

VentureBeat: “DigiLens unveils Argo standalone AR/XR headset”

Dean Takahashi; Jan. 10, 2023

Shams said, “Bottom line, the industry isn’t moving fast enough. We have a ton of experience in building glasses. There are major issues with productivity and efficiency. XR can solve those issues and current glasses are just viewers or unsuccessful consumer products that failed and so they claim they are industrial.”

XR Today: “DigiLens Debuts ARGO Holographic Smart Glasses”

Demond Cureton; Jan. 10, 2023

“The firm’s latest innovation is a standalone solution for enterprise and industrial workers. It features some of DigiLens’ top-rated crystal waveguides with multiple upgrades.

Numerous industries, including frontline workers, doctors, surgeons, and remote inspectors can boost real-time communications with the solution.”

“DigiLens stated that in addition to increasing workforce productivity, reducing down-time, and minimizing delays through remote collaboration, its ARGO smart glasses also help to extend workforce availability and capacity via remote instruction and real-time supervision. As a result, the device can also help to reduce costs by overcoming the barriers of time, distance, and training to deliver expertise when and where it’s needed most.”

“Not only does Argo increase worker safety via increased situational awareness through real-time connectivity to environmental and other sensor technology, it also helps users work smarter by blending the digital and physical worlds with access to real-time data visualizations.”

BusinessWire: “DigiLens Inc. Introduces ARGO™”

Jan. 10, 2023

“ARGO smartglasses feature DigiLens’ best-in-class crystal waveguides with industry-leading minimal eye glow and a small footprint, and are daylight bright for inside and outside use, resulting in a more user-friendly and socially acceptable product. ARGO improves communication and collaboration by creating a digitally-enabled workforce across a range of industries, empowering frontline workers from the field to the operating room.”

The Infotech Beat: “DigiLens Rolls Out the Argo Standalone AR/XR Headset”

The Infotech News Desk; Jan. 11, 2023

“Making a splash in the AR market with its ARGO headset, DigiLens announced the launch of the ARGO, a pair of smart glasses with standalone AR/XR capabilities for enterprise and industrial workers. The new tool enhances communication and collaboration, creating a digitally enabled workforce across multiple sectors.”

Qualcomm amplification

Jan. 12, 2023

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